My work is like “Les Dawson” playing his piano out of key to a piece by “Sergei Rachmaninoff” at The Royal Albert Hall some will get it … other’s won’t!

I work on any surface I can get my hands on; walls, canvases of all sizes, on stretchers, floors and stapled directly onto walls. I create large installations pieces to captivate my audiences with my narratives. My narratives are spewed images of popular culture,Queer history,figurative/portraits, parody and contemporary culture such as Hollywood, British Humour, Art and Celebrity, aligned with historical and autobiographical events including my previous work environments. Drawing from my personal fears of violence/mortality this informs my practice and my selection of iconic imagery leaning towards a more sinister element.

My ideas come as a result of Appropriating from a broad range of media sources; Internet, YouTube, films and paper media publications, including expression from my own position and experience of British and American events. I want viewers to be lost in recognition and familiarity of the texts and images when they look at my paintings – although frenetic in their appearance requiring a slower realisation of placement of the images and text. I am continually looking for new imagery from the vast multi media we have at our disposal and get really excited when prompted by images which further informs my next piece of work. I create varied sized immediately recognizable and subjugated imagery emotionally conveying to the intellectual investigation of painting. I use thick black marker pens, and mix mediums such as monster graffiti spray paints, household paints, glosses, acrylics, charcoals, vanishes, tapes, screen printing inks, retro clothes patterns jigsaws pieces and resin.
I attack conventional ideas about individuality and innate creativity by altering lines of perceptions.